WttW news letter December 12 2015

Dear All,

The end of our second term is upon us.  At the end of this week our teachers will meet with each parent to discuss their child’s progress at school. After this the students will go home for the mid -year break of two weeks. On January the fourth we hope to be welcoming everybody back with new energy for the 3rd and 4rd term. In January we will be welcoming a batch of new students as well, small ones for the kindergarten program and bigger ones for our extended education program. 
Who would have thought that Udi Febri, who started in this program herself fifteen years ago, would now as a university graduate take up her new role as an English teacher at our school? Who would have thought that Eka Masita, some years a junior to Udi and also alumni of our Window to the World extended education program, would now become a graduated kindergarten teacher at our school? Could the students be in better hands than these new teachers who grew up with Window to the World being part of their lives for many years and understanding what we stand for?
We are also extremely happy with the offer of Christine Lang and Philip Vincent to lend a helping hand in setting up the library in its new setting. Bookracks have been ordered and we hope we can start soon. 

Time flies. It has been six months since we moved to the new school building. All have worked hard to get the building set up and functionally operational. It takes many hands, there are small jobs and big jobs and slowly they are getting done. Many thanks to all the helping hands!
With the rain coming we can now start focusing on our garden and sport field. We will need shading for the sun can be brutal during a day without clouds. This week we started our ‘Umbrella trees for shading’ fundraiser. Hoping we can plant some more of these fantastic umbrella trees around the sport field during this year’s rainy season.  “How long will the rain keep falling?” you might ask. Well, that could be easily until May, so there is still time.
We will always be on the lookout for people who would like to take up the sponsoring of a child. This is possible through our website if you go to windowtotheworldschool.com/support/how-to-sponsor.

If you would like to make a donation towards our project for Christmas we ask you to have a look at our wish list for Santa.  It is on our website and contains classroom utilities and items that we need at the moment. You can download this wish list if you go to the homepage of our website www.windowtotheworldschool.com.
For those who celebrate Christmas, we wish your Christmas to be a merry one. We wish everyone a joyful holiday season and best wishes for the year 2016.

Your generous support makes it possible for our organization to continue bringing good education to the children of our community. We believe that every child has the right to grow up happy, healthy and with an education.
Thank you again for your support!
The Window to the World team

You can reach us at:
Jalan Pisang in Kalibukbuk,
just off Jalan Damai,
Bali, Indonesia