Our scholarship program has been set up to support children between the age of twelve and eighteen from our local community who are unable to go to high school, and those who drop out and are unable to continue their education. A reason for this is that families struggle financially to pay for the schools fees and/or to meet education-related needs like uniforms, books, shoes and transportation costs. This program provides direct financial assistance to students and is based on the financial condition of the student and not on merit, as it normally is with scholarships

The program is meant to be for middle, high or vocational school students whose parents or guardians will not be able to meet the financial needs of their child. The basic criteria of Window to the World scholarship program are:

  • Students who are in danger of dropping out of school due to financial obstacles
  • Orphans from the social homes or orphanages run by the Ministry of Social Affairs with no access to financial aid for their education.
  • Children living in orphanages run by the Ministry of Social Affairs with no access to financial aid for their education.
  • Children who are victims of catastrophes or natural disasters
  • Children from families holding a Certificate of Poverty (SKTM) from the district/village

In order to provide the assistance needed for one academic year we need €350.

How can I sponsor a scholarship?

We kindly would like to ask if people considering helping us in assisting a high school student, to consider taking up the commitment of taking on the financial help for a minimum of three years. This is helping one student through middle - or high school. We will never enroll a student in school if we do not have the assistance covered beforehand for the total duration of the six years mid-high school program. It can take more than one sponsor to assist one student for that reason.

In some cases children will not need full scholarship assistance, but for example only the financial aid for the transportation to go to school, or the money to pay for the books or uniforms. You can make a donation of any kind to the scholarship program that will be used for assistance as necessary for students from underprivileged families from our local community.

-Without the support from WttW I would not have been able to follow my higher education for the hospitality industry. I love cooking, my dream is to become a chef, a very good one- Randy

-I dropped out of school at the age of twelve. I was picked up and supported by the people from WttW and they carried me through an entire high school education as well as teacher's education. Ten years ago I was a twelve year old with no future ahead, today I am a proud kindergarten teacher at WttW- Eka Masita

You can reach us at:
Jalan Pisang in Kalibukbuk,
just off Jalan Damai,
Bali, Indonesia