Extended Education

Our extended education program is for children from age 6 until 18 and offers a wide range of courses. The program was set up to help children from underprivileged backgrounds to get tuition in extracurricular subjects that will help them to get prepared for the world ahead of them, such as English and computer skills development. Children also get help with their homework from their regular school and assistance in career and study choices.

English language
More often English becomes a work requirement as well as a tool to have access to information (internet, as well as books which are not available in the Indonesian language). English is a language, a way to communicate and should therefore be practiced actively and not in theory only. The standard of our courses is high; we follow the Cambridge English Program, with a strong emphasize on speaking. 
Courses run from “basic to advanced levels”. 

Computer programs
Good computer skills give access to information and continuation of development. It enlarges chances to find jobs. It ranges from introduction to windows, internets, excel, and power point.

Indonesian language
Good comprehension and use of the Indonesian language is a must for good communication. We hold conversations with topics that are relevant for children relevant topics and current issues and run reading and writing projects.

Because of the intellectual challenge the chess class is an important part of our project. Chess develops logical thinking, looking ahead en making decisions.

Exploring ones creative abilities is important in building up skills and helps the child to develop confidence. We teach a wide variety of art elements and techniques.

We introduce children to a wide range of music in theory and practice. Topics vary from, Indonesian music, world music, pop music, classical music and everything in between! 

Environmental projects
Our projects encourage students to recognize their responsibility towards environmental concerns, locally as well as globally.

World orientation
Through our world oriented projects we teach children about the world around them, close by as well as far away. Knowledge about the world enhances understanding, tolerance and respect between different nations, cultures and societies.

Problem solving games and activities/ individual work
Focused on the acquisition of problem solving skills and independency, these activities will equip children to become undertaking, self-confident and thus, independent adults.

We provide our students with a broader perspective of the world and learn from other people, cultures and countries. This way, our students will be able to expand their views and understanding of the world. This will create better circumstances for local living and greater respect for our local traditions.-Window to the World mission and vision-

Our aim is to give children a life-long love of learning so they will be best prepared to meet future challenges, overcome discrimination and break through the cycle of poverty.-Window to the World mission and vision-

You can reach us at:
Jalan Pisang in Kalibukbuk,
just off Jalan Damai,
Bali, Indonesia